August 26 - 30, 2001

Faculty of Sciences and Mathematics,
University of Nis, YUGOSLAVIA

First Announcement

International Conference "Filomat 2001"  will be held on the Faculty of Sciences and Mathematics of the University of Nis, Yugoslavia, from August 26 to August 30, 2001. 

The conference will work in the following parallel sections:

1. Algebra, Logic, Discrete Mathematics and Computer Sciences
2. Topology and Geometry
3. Differential Equations
4. Probability and Statistics
5. Numerical Mathematics and Optimization
6. Mathematical Physics

There will be 15 invited 45-minute lectures. Participants are invited to present a 20-minute talk in parallel sessions. Participants from South-East European contries, especially participants from former Yugoslav republics, are especially encouraged to participate. A Round Table "Perspectives of Mathematics in South-East Europe" will be organized.

International Program  Committee:

Ravi P. Agarwal, National University of Singapore, Singapore
Angelo Bella, University of Catania, Italy
Stojan Bogdanovic, University of Nis, Yugoslavia
Sinisa Crvenkovic, University of Novi Sad, Yugoslavia
Dragos Cvetkovic, University of Belgrade, Yugoslavia
Branko Dragovic, Institute of Physics, Belgrade, Yugoslavia
Ivan Gutman, University of Kragujevac, Yugoslavia
Aleksandar Ivic, University of Belgrade, Yugoslavia
Zoran Ivkovic, University of Belgrade, Yugoslavia
Bosko Jovanovic, University of Belgrade, Yugoslavia
Petar Kenderov, Institute if Mathematics, Sofia, Bulgaria
Ljubisa Kocinac, University of Nis, Yugoslavia
Gradimir Milovanovic, University of Nis, Yugoslavia
Stevan Pilipovic, University of Novi Sad, Yugoslavia
Boris M. Schein, University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, Arkansas, USA
Yordan Stoyanov, Institute of Mathematics, Sofia, Bulgaria
Julius Wess, University of Muenchen and Max-Planck Institute for Physics,

Organizing Committee:

Ljubisa Kocinac, chairman, University of Nis, Yugoslavia
Miroslav Ciric, University of Nis, Yugoslavia
Biljana Popovic, University of Nis, Yugoslavia
Predrag Stanimirovic, University of Nis, Yugoslavia
Gradimir Milovanovic, University of Nis, Yugoslavia
Stojan Bogdanovic, University of Nis, Yugoslavia
Zarko Popovic, Secretary, University of Nis, Yugoslavia
Predrag Krtolica, Secretary, University of Nis, Yugoslavia
Goran Djordjevic, University of Nis, Yugoslavia

Address: The Organizing Committee of "Filomat 2001"
Faculty of Sciences and Mathematics, University of Nis,  P. O. Box 224,
18000 Nis, Yugoslavia
Phone: +381 18  45 899,  Fax: +381-18-46-460
E-mail address: lkocinac@ptt.yu (preferably) or

The Organizing Committee is planning to publish selected papers (after usual referee's procedure) submitted to the conference as a special volume of the journal FILOMAT (Nis). 

Registration fee: 60 DM (No deadline = On-site registration)
The registration fee includes the cost of a copy of abstracts, conference material, coffee breaks, the welcome party on August 26 and the farewell banquet.

The fee for accompanying persons is 20 DM, and includes the welcome party. To attend the banquet, accompanying persons should pay additional 10 DM.

Participants and accompanying persons have to pay by themselves for their accommodation, meals and transportation.

The organizers are planning to reserve some dormitories and hotels in Nis. Moreover, they are trying to find the best facilities, whose staying fee are cheap.

The second announcement will be sent in February 2001. It will include the registration form and more details. If you want to receive it, please fill out the PRE-REGISTRATION FORM below and send it before January 31, 2001 by e-mail, fax, or regular mail. 

The subject header of e-mail should be PRE-REGISTRATION. 


I plan to participate at the conference. I want to recieve the second

First  Name:

Family Name:



Address of Institution:

E-mail Address:

Number of Accompanying Persons:

I want to present a talk: Yes, No

My talk belongs to: Section

Please, inform also your colleagues about the conference.

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