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Two 2D projections of thethree-dimensional system of elements

We would like to hope that the offered 3D design will look good in computer animation as a visual aid in a chemical auditorium or museum. 

For every-day study at school, college and home, it is necessary to admit that 2D forms are more convenient which are easier to understand from paper. 

In this case two (lateral and frontal) projections of the design can turn out useful.

Figure 16. Lateral  and frontal projections of the extended pyramidal periodic system. The Roman numerals reflect numbers of periods, the numbered letters mean names of electron subshells.

The frontal projection represented in the right part of the figure (the basic informationis incorporated in it) very much reminds of the periodic system already used by physicists [4.Lindner]. The difference is in twofold arrangement of elements inside each period. This  twofold division bears semantic content: the top layer reflects subshell filling by individual electrons, the bottom layer - by coupled ones.


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